People desire human contact more than ever. So it stands to reason that creative marketing strategies that emphasize offering a personal touch are the most effective in modern times.

Video and photo marketing is one such method that has grown in popularity recently. Personalized photos take video marketing a step further by making your consumers feel appreciated on a more personal and unique level, as well as providing credibility. 

We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, yet that’s precisely what your consumers do when they’re looking for a company to address their problems. They search online, click on the search results, and get on your website. Do they get a dull generic screen with alternatives when the website loads, or do they meet the warm, smiling faces of the staff that can help? That is the difference that excellent images, or even better, videos, can make for a company. Having high-quality photographs and videos can assist potential clients learn about your company and its employees.


Video has definitely transformed the marketing sector and has swiftly become a marketing slam dunk. The usage of video in business has expanded considerably over the years.

Video may help you connect emotionally with your audience. Using video helps you to communicate your narrative and showcase your business in ways that words alone cannot. When it comes from a “real person” rather than a model, videos are more relatable and compelling than stills. This allows viewers to discover more about a brand’s beliefs and the people behind them. If viewers believe they have gotten unique information from your videos, they will trust your company more and investigate additional options.

When made with authenticity, videos can make or break a company. Their audiences, young and old alike, are more linked than ever before. They have the chance to produce something that will improve your online presence with the appropriate creative marketing strategy. 


Hands doubt, the most successful and important marketing tool any business has for engaging with customers and showcasing their products, services, or brand is a website. It stands to reason, then, that a website should be loaded with valuable material and bespoke visuals highlighting what distinguishes that organization from the competition. 

Imagery is an essential component of your brand and how your company communicates with the public. Is your company corporate, humorous, or fun? Video and pictures allow you to truly display the spirit of your brand. Furthermore, regardless of your personality, it demonstrates that you are passionate about quality and professionalism.

Images play the role of storytellers. A well-placed, carefully constructed image might elicit a feeling, a dream, or a vision. Visitors to your website will read’ the photographs and decide whether or not the remainder of your website material is relevant to them in a split second. 

Custom photography of your staff, goods, events, and everyday activities should be prominently displayed on your website. Custom photographs always appear more professional, natural, and unified than stock photos. 


Stock Photos and Videos

Sure, free stock photographs are inexpensive, but do they accurately represent your company?

Even if your organization buys expensive stock photographs from a respected site, are they truly providing your viewers a genuine picture of what you do and who the people in charge are? Most likely not.

While stock photography may be appealing to many businesses, it does not allow you to truly express your brand through visual material. The graphics on your website, like your logo or color palette, are part of your brand guidelines. While you may choose stock photographs from the same photographer or topic as another firm, your brand is represented by the same visual material as another company. 

To improve your creative marketing strategy consider a skilled photographer or videographer who will become acquainted with your company, its culture, and, eventually, your brand. They will understand how to highlight your assets and capture what you represent in the photos and videos. Once the professional pictures or videos are finished, your firm will have a library of photographs and videos to use not just on your website, but also on social media, banners, videos, packaging, and brochures for years to come.

Connect with Your Customers

People connect with other people, so displaying photographs and videos of your actual personnel, office, and business allows customers to connect with you before you even meet. The significance of this cannot be overstated, particularly in professional services industries such as banking and health, where credibility and connection are essential for client retention. 


Customers Get to Know You


Customers that visit your website want to learn about you, what you do, and why you do it! People are more inclined to do business with someone they know and trust, according to research. Stock photographs or videos don’t help them achieve that, and they may even give folks the wrong idea of what you have to offer. Showing genuine images and videos of your business, your employees, and what you do is the greatest way for potential clients to get to know you.

Competitive Edge 

Personable photographs and videos stand out from the crowd and distinguish your company as distinct and professional, which might be the difference between someone clicking on your Google Ad, connecting with your social media, or contacting you through your website. It has the potential to significantly improve the quality of a business, resulting in higher-quality services and clients.

Corporate photography and videos may set the tone for your whole company, demonstrating to potential clients that you are devoted to providing professional service and high-quality products. If you respect your brand, you should engage a professional photographer or videographer to assist you in expanding your business. 



You are well on your way to developing credibility in your brand when you can make an emotional connection. Seeing a behind-the-scenes look at a firm and highlighting people in your organization humanizes your brand and gives it a voice. You become approachable, engaging, and, eventually, a reliable, credible source.


Brand Image

The material you transmit to the public determines your brand’s identity and personality, and buyers will create their perception based on those communications.

Images and videos, in addition to keeping your appearance coherent and highlighting your individuality, have a way of communicating your organization’s narrative and who you are as a business, from your office culture, to inviting individuals you want others to know you as.

Video and photo content is unique in that it not demonstrates your brand’s narrative, but increases your credibility. Creating engaging, dynamic video and photo content will better express your brand’s personality and will be more likely to be seen, enjoyed, and shared.

Finally, selecting personable photographs and videos allows a professional to represent who you are and tell the narrative of your business in images that are worth a thousand words.


Ready to Get Started?

It may appear difficult at first to find images of your physicians and employees for social media postings and blogs, but these photos do not need to be taken by a professional. It is completely OK to have someone in your office snap a brief photo.

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