How does your business measure up?

Digital marketing can be a complex and overwhelming burden. The key to overcoming digital marketing challenges, is understanding how your current marketing efforts are performing. 

What does the marketing audit include?

Here’s what you can expect when we complete your digital marketing audit

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Website Overview

Do you have a functioning website? This question is the fundamental first step. This 11-part review is where we determine, does the website do what you want it to do?

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Reporting & Analytics

The only way to improve your marketing is to measure and report the results of your marketing efforts. This step ensures you are able to collect the correct data from your various channels.

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Google Paid

Google Ads is an effective method to generate qualified leads. If done well, your business could see a strong return on your Investment (ROI). We will analyze 9 major components of success. 

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Google Organic

It’s important to improve your online rankings for organic searches. Some people don’t trust ads, so ranking among the top organic pages will ensure more patients find your dental practice. We will provide an analysis of how your business is performing.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is effective for both mobile optimization and desktop searches. Google lists locally optimized businesses in the Maps section before organic results. This section will have 11 indicators for success.

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Social Media

Social media is an important touchpoint in the awareness stage of the patient journey. Providing credibility through social proof can also help build trust and encourage more conversions.