Monthly Plans

Marketing success hinges on a core structure of outbound and inbound strategies. Our clients choose an initial digital marketing package and customize their strategy with individual monthly add-ons. 

Base monthly packages

All of our marketing support and digital advertising packages start with a base package that includes a monthly cost as a monthly retainer to ensure your marketing strategy runs smoothly. Start by choosing a base plan, then we can include any other add-ons you need to implement a successful digital marketing plan. 



  • Monthly strategy meeting
  • Dedicated client manager (DCM)
  • Unlimited Google Analytics support



  • Everything in Starter 
  • Bi-weekly strategy meeting
  • Unlimited on-page search engine optimization (SEO) updates
  • Marketing calendar
  • Unlimited web form setup & support
  • Monthly reporting



  • Everything in Standard
  • Weekly strategy meeting
  • Advanced conversion tracking
  • Marketing Dedicated communication channel in Slack or RingCentral
  • Access to real-time analytics and reporting

Digital marketing add-ons


Database Management


Creating a database of prospects and customers is imperative to long-term success. It’s a critical component of a sustainable business. We will manage your database (or can provide you a free one with HubSpot’s free CRM) on a monthly basis. This includes managing the database segmentation in order to execute all other marketing initiatives dealing with email marketing or segmentation.

Lead Prospecting (500)


Adding highly targeted prospects to your database is one of the best ways to ensure success in the short and long term. We’ll add 250 highly targeted prospects to your database and will put those prospects through a multi-channel/multi-touch marketing funnel (including email marketing and retargeting ads) to convert customers and increase sales.

Email Marketing


Businesses that are interested in your brand will be marked as subscribers in the database and will be eligible to receive our email updates. These updates will include product or business updates, promos, and relevant content. We will send one monthly email blast and one monthly newsletter on your behalf.

Cold Email


Cold emailing is an effective prospecting strategy for businesses that don’t have a current mailing list. With cold emails, we create drip campaigns reach out to cold lists and encourage them to take specific actions to grow our clients’ business.

Cold Calling


With this add-on, clients receive 125 cold calls per month. We generate a call script with generic responses and rebuttals based on our clients’ needs. Any positive or warm responses will be forwarded to the appropriate individual to continue the nurturing and sales process. 


Blogs (2)


This involves writing 300+ word blog articles & adding them to your website’s blog. We typically write 2 each month. These articles are keyword-focused to drive targeted traffic. They are meant to add some value for the reader, but also keep growing your website’s size. Google wants to see consistent growth on your website over time as it believes that as your business grows, so should your website.

Social Posting (15)


We do this by curating and creating high-quality content to create a professional, cohesive, and branded experience for you, and then share that content with new and existing audiences who are interested in learning more. We handle all comments and questions, allowing you to focus on your business, while we focus on building your brand on social media. We will do 15 social posts and can post to one channel or divide these across multiple.

Reputation Management


Your reputation could be the difference between growth and failure. Not only do these marketing initiatives improve your reputation, but it also helps you rank better in organic search results. We collaborate with you to help manage your online reputation by generating online reviews, testimonials, reference customers, and case studies.

Unlimited WordPress Updates


Websites often need frequent updates to maintain relevance or to support other marketing campaigns. We offer unlimited WordPress updates, which includes adding new pages, updating existing content, changing layouts or images, adjusting menus and footers, and more. For this add-on, clients can only have two open WordPress updates at any given time. Once an update is completed and approved, we will begin on the next request. 

Unlimited Graphic Design


Visual communication is very powerful when it comes to digital marketing. We offer clients unlimited graphic design support, which includes logo creation, photo editing, graphics for websites, business cards, and more. Although we provide unlimited support, clients can only have one open graphic design project at any given time. Once a design is completed and approved, we will begin the next request. 

Call Tracking/Audits


Call tracking and auditing allows businesses to gather data on the effectiveness of campaigns and monitor conversations to ensure the highest conversion rates. We will implement specific numbers to correlate with various marketing campaigns, which can be tracked and reported on to enable you to make data-driven decisions. 

Content Marketing


Content marketing involves creating content to help build awareness among prospects and then drive them through your marketing funnel. The goal is to generate interest, consideration, and then conversion. With this add-on, clients can choose one of the following content pieces each month: case study, whitepaper, podcast, press release, flyer, brochure, handout, newsletter, or poster. 

Digital Advertising

Paid Search Ads

18% of Total Ad Spend

Using a search engine to find a product or service has become the norm in our society. Our experts can optimize your discoverability by running Google Ads or Bing Ads. These are text-based ads that direct visitors to an optimized landing page for increased lead conversions. 

LinkedIn Ads

18% of Total Ad Spend

LinkedIn is a great professional networking social media site. Our experts can enhance your outreach strategy by running LinkedIn. These can be text-based InMail ads or it can be a social ad that appears in your target audience’s news feed. 

Remarketing Ads

18% of Total Ad Spend

Sometimes it takes multiple touchpoints to convert a prospect into a lead. Google Remarketing campaigns allow your business to have multiple interactions with prospects after they’ve visited your website. These are visual-based banner ads that lead to an optimized landing page. 




We can also work on any request that is not included in any of the add-ons for an hourly rate. For clients that have emergencies or unique requests, we can still support their needs. 

Website Hosting


If you just want to host your website to ensure faster page speeds and better overall functionality, we can host your site on our servers. 

Business Consulting


Business consulting includes the operational functionality as well as overall growth strategems. We take a wholistic approach to determine a business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and provide an action plan for success.